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I Miss You All…

Hi 😀 Manley Park is great! Although, I Do miss you guys alot 🙂 These are the things were learning about at the moment : Science – Making fireworks Topic – China – Going to China World – Having Chinese parties etc. Literacy – Biographies – Autobiographies Maths – Mode – Mean – Median   On Thursday […]

Thing’s I’m looking forward to until Christmas!

What I did over the Holidays. Over the Holidays I went to an Eid party. It lasted from 1pm until 9-10pm. There was a bouncy castle. I really enjoyed Eid. Apparently, Me and my famiy were the 2nd ones there. So, We got 2 hours on the bouncy castle without anyone pushing to try and get […]

Why I Like Year 6

I Like Year 6 because there’s lots of challenging work 😀 There are great teachers that care about us. I mostly like Year 6 because we get to make greek masks art 😀 I also think maths is really at the minute.