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My Easter Holiday by michael

Hi everyone today i am going to tell you about my Easter Holiday. FRIDAY: on Friday i went to Wales for a Week. A week later… FRIDAY: I went back to Manchester and through out the whole Week i got 1 DVD and 18 BOOKS! SATURDAY: played on kindle and played just dance 4 on […]

My half term holiday by michael

Hi i’m michael  and i’m here to tell you about my half term holiday. MONDAY: On monday i didn’t do much but i did read a few books on my kindle. TUESDAY: On tuesday i played a few games on my kindle. WEDNESDAY: On wednesday i played a few games on my kindle, also i […]

RODEO BULL! by michael

Hi Michael here and i’m here to tell you about the rodeo bull year 6 and year 5 used to start our topic about the wild west. It started as something nobody knew. that they will ride it because every one did not know about the amazing rodeo bull,so the year 6 and year 5 […]

what i did at christmas by michael

Here’s what happened at my christmas.Here’s the things I got at christmas 1.A kindle fire 2.3 Toys 3.2 Large lego sets 4.5 Books 6. 3 Dvds 7.A small hologram projector and £70. After all the presents me,my mum,my grandad and my uncle went to my great grandad’s house to eat some food and pull some christmas […]

my half term holliday by michael

On Friday i went to Wales in Calnduno and buyed a book i was’t surrposed to get until christmas. On Saturday i went to Lhanduno and bought 3 books with only  6 pounds here are books below. ghosts,zombies monsters. UFO and garfield treasery 7. On Sunday and Monday i played on my playstaion 2. On […]