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What i did in my holidays by David Wilson!

Well what i did in my holidays was qwite so fun so i will tell you…   in my holidays i got qwite alot of money XD,i played alot of fifa i played player career i moved from juventus to PSG for 35 million and i am overall 85 and my age is 19. I […]

My fantastic christmas

Well my christmas was fantastic! It was kinda odd becouse for the first time this year we had a fake christmas tree and my mum kinda liked it and she needed to perfectly like it becouse she loves christmas   well lets just skip some time   a little more   just a tiny little […]

RODEO BULL !!!!!!! by David Wilson

Well we were all walking down the corridor and we went in the hall and THE MOST UNEXPECTED THING EVER WAS THERE- A BOUNCY CASTLE AND A RODEO BULL?!?! All you heard was yyyyyyeeeeeyyyy or wooooowww! It was wicked. Unluckyily  I only lasted 11 secs but it was fun watching every one and our new topic is […]

Half term! :)

Well… I had such a good half term I played fifa 13 on career mode i was such a succsefel manger i won the uefa champions league and the barcalys  preimer league and the capital one cup! But lost in the fa cup against Everton! I went to huffend feild with my team huffend griffins […]


I love year 6 because its the last year together! we will do more activities  and we will have challenging work and we will do more because its are last year together! we are having an amazing topic what is Ancient Greece and many more amazing lessons… Such as AMAZING maths , Crazy english , […]