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NEW / old?? STORY(dont get me wrong)

not last week,but the week before was the best week EVER!! no dont think im joking….. because ill tell you the whole story ,here is what happend.      firstly we came in as usual to say goodbye to all of those who were about to go Glaramara  then it was a normal asembaly bla bla bla […]

What i enjoyed about the rodeo bull

The rodeo bull was so much fun  i mostly enjoyed when we were coming in, because when we were coming in to the hall lechante said there’s a bull when we were standing outside. I really thought that was a real bull and everyone started laughing and that bit was so funny, then we went […]

what I did over the holiday

During the holiday I went to the trafford centre and we had loads of fun. We went shopping and we bought new clothes and stuff for ourselves and then we went to the food court and had dinner. Then for some more family fun we went to the nameco fun scape and  we were so thrilled it was […]

what im looking forward to in year 6.

In  year 6 im lookink forward to having a greek  day on the last day were we will be doing loads of fun stuff that day .Also im hoping in my sats to get a high levle.

what i like about year 6 from AZZA

what I love about year 6 is when we do rugby i just cant wait too see who will win! I also like math’s although it’s chalenging 😀