easter hoilday!

Saturday: I sleeped at my cousins because it was her birthday it was quite fun then in the morning we had pancakes from mcdonalds and had a crusiom from KFC. 

Sunday: it was Easter yah after I came back from my cousins but it didnt feel like easter it just felt like a normal day I didnt eat any Easter eggs.

Monday: on Monday youth club started so I went it was actually really fun there was this girl she was Four and I was with my friends of mersey bank and that girl would no stop screaming.

Tuesday:I went chorlton park with my Two Sisters, my two nephews,my couin,my Auntie and my fun and thats when I saw Miss Jackson.

And that  the rest of the days was probly boring I just wanted to get back to school and now I am yes


my holiday

On my holiday I trafford center I went to the big ship and eat burger from KFC .In trafford center I also watch a movie I Can’t remember the movie name.

I also played PlayStation for quite a long time .When I play PlayStation my eyes go dark and I went to sleep .My mum also brought me a easter egg and she brought me a egg on a top of a cup.The most important day was she brought me a new bike,I was so happy when she brought me a bike.Ialso love it .

my easter holidays a story by Callum Smith

On my easter holidays i went playscheme with Lucas and David and Lucas had a little suprise…

I also went swimming with Dylan Bethany and Layla and after we got mcflurrys and i won a medium soft drink the next day i went to swimming with Dylan and i bought some  chips from the alantic fish shop.I also played on my xbox and tablet on the last day,I bought a scary game called the path with little girls with their own wolves.




My Holiday!

On my first week off, I went to London with cousin and stayed with my auntie and we went to a restaurant and then , I went shopping in spit-feild and got some new clothes for Easter Sunday I got one direction easter eggs yayy! and many more and then  I went to a spar and went swimming with my cousins and my auntie and I went in the sauna it was so HOT!

On my second week off, I played in my garden on my swings with my sister. on the Tuesday I went swimming with Bethany, Dylan and Callum. There was a bouncy castle in the pool and it was really fun,then we all went to McDonald’s, on the Wednesday I went to my dads till Sunday and then went to my other aunties for tea:)!


My holiday by Nicholas McLeod

In my holiday I went to Blackpool and went to sandcastle swimming and I played football at chorlton high astro turf and houghend astro turf and played out with my friends and some days I played Fiffa 13 and Black ops and celebrated easter I got 2 feoro roche with m y family 🙂 also I went chorlton swimming baths with my cousin and my friend Zak and saw Mo.sherif and Mo.hakami  and then I went on my ipad and then I went shopping and my sister got a new TV and I got new shoes because my feet got bigger and now I am  a size 8 I went camping with my 3 friends.

my enjoyable easter holiday by Azza!

In the holiday  we went to  our  cousins in Huddersfeild  it took a long time to get there i think it took about 1 hour maybe less but  when we got there we were chatting and we had  loads of fun and we had  dinner…

my easter holidays by Mishary

In my Easter Holidays.

It was fun because my uncle came from Saudi Arabia  and we went chillfactor with my uncle it was realy fun because we slid  down the snow. And we went bowling and we played 3 games of bowling it was super fun because i won the games i got 2 strikes.

And it was really fun and we had fish fingers it was tasty. and we went Trafford played bumper cars it was so fun.  Then on friday my uncle back saudi arabia then we played in the park.

my holiday easter

The first day in my holiday was in Trafford we ate in the big ship . After we ate the  food  we went to the bowling and

i enjoyed alot i was the second in the bowling . We went the next day to head over heals i played with my brother and people .

I thought that i will be bored but i wasn’t i started to be happy . after a couple of days i went again to Trafford  and i met Mohammed Hakami and his friend  i was very happy and we played with him in Trafford . But the other i went to his house with my brother i played with him i had alot of fun with him .




by Mohammed Alshoaibi



My Easter holiday (by Mohammed Hakami)

Firstly, I went to Chorlton park on Monday.

After that, I went swimming from Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

The next day, I went Heaton park.

And then, I went to swimming again on Sunday.

The next Saturday, I went to Hull and I watched the paralympics.

On Sunday, I went to Tatton park, had a barbecue with my friends and after that my friend came to my house.

And that is my Easter holiday.


my holiday

When I was on my holiday I went on a bike ride to the water park and on the next day I went into town with my friends and got a shower cap.For the next week I stayed at home,ate easter eggs and watched TV.

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