What i did in my holidays by David Wilson!

Well what i did in my holidays was qwite so fun so i will tell you…


in my holidays i got qwite alot of money XD,i played alot of fifa i played player career i moved from juventus to PSG for 35 million and i am overall 85 and my age is 19.

I have been playing with my good mates all the time we go astro and play lots of football thats where i have mostly been latly ive been having some amazing lie ins O:)

I have been exited for getting back to school to see all my school mates.And i have a really bad ancle it was disgusting a massive bone was like kinda sticking out kinda but i have been playing football while i have this tragety.it has went down alot and it never did hurt me but a couple of days ago i went to the doctors and the doctor said is swallon and i should rest my foot and NOT play football for 6 weeks or i could end up falling are running to fast and then brake my ancle so no football for a while :(.


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