My Absolutely Fantastic Holiday! :)

On The Friday That we had off I went Mosque and saw some of my friends.  Then I stayed at home on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  But On Tuesday I Went Chorlton Centre and it was cool and all that. Wednesday was when I went Swimming with Mo. Hak and saw Nicholas there,  It was kind of cool we were diving and all that… Then After Swimming I went Hulme to my friends house and played on his Wii, iPad and really cool, fantastic, brilliant, Tremendous, Marvelous, Fantastic air hockey game. And I’m Tellin’ y’all it was fantastic! Yeah it Was…

On Thursday I stayed home just on my laptop and all that chillin’, But on Friday I went Mosque again Then went to my friend’s house and we played on his XBOX 360 and all that.On Saturday my friend came to my house so we went Chorlton water park and went near River Mersey, kinda cool…   :D! After that we went back to my house and then he went home so I went home with him so I could sleep at his house as a sleepover and it was fantastic! I slept over for like 4 or 3 days and after that I just stayed home for the rest of the holidays… 😀 And that was my fantastic holiday. Thanks for reading, Bye! 🙂

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