Devons Easter holidays !:D

In the Easter Holidays,I stayed at home for two days. Then I went to a fair on wednesday it was SOOO fun.I even saw Soheil and some other friends of mine.On friday i went to Mcdonalds with my family it was FUN.On Saturday I went shopping,baked some pizzas mmm they were so yummy.And on sunday I stayed at home.And on monday I made some  chocolate Rice crispeies cake and some  chocolate Cornflakes and until Friday I stayed at A haven site in a Caravan with my family it was the BEST time ever,I even went swimming there and i went on a BIG slide there it was awsomeee. There was Entertainment there that was funny,they had some funny characters there.They were really weird but i had a really good time and when friday came i went home.I did not want to go so that was my Easter Holiday.

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