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Native American Story: Warriors Of The Rainbow

There was an old lady, from the Cree tribe, named Eyes of Fire, who prophesied that one day, because of the white mans’ or Yo-ne-gis’ greed, there would come a time, when the fish would die in the streams, the birds would fall from the air, the waters would be blackened, and the trees would […]

Muhibullah back from Germany

Hi yesterday was my last day in Germany and I really have enjoyed myself. Therefore later in the summer holidays I am looking forward to be visiting my uncle once again because it has been a day since I have come back and I miss them all so much and I am hopping to see […]

What i did in my holidays by David Wilson!

Well what i did in my holidays was qwite so fun so i will tell you…   in my holidays i got qwite alot of money XD,i played alot of fifa i played player career i moved from juventus to PSG for 35 million and i am overall 85 and my age is 19. I […]

what I did on my 2 weeks holiday

I went to Cadbury world and I got loads of chocolate and I drank melted chocolate in a cup it was like heaven.  There was a massive park there and there were lots and lots of slides. The smell was absolutely gorgeous. We got to see how the chocolate  was made. I stayed in Birmingham for a week and it was […]


For my holiday I went to the fun fair in plat fields park 3 times and then my sister went to head over heels but I went to Trafford Centre with my cousin. My friend and I went to the cinema and we watched                     OBLIVION Then […]

My Absolutely Fantastic Holiday! :)

On The Friday That we had off I went Mosque and saw some of my friends.  Then I stayed at home on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  But On Tuesday I Went Chorlton Centre and it was cool and all that. Wednesday was when I went Swimming with Mo. Hak and saw Nicholas there,  It was kind […]

my holiday by chloe

 My  holiday  was fun i went to Linconshire an went out to the park and played at my friends mates house and had this new sandwich it has chocolate spread and it was fried in a friying pan! And we playd in his back garden and went to the club and kickboxin and  had my […]

My Easter Holiday by michael

Hi everyone today i am going to tell you about my Easter Holiday. FRIDAY: on Friday i went to Wales for a Week. A week later… FRIDAY: I went back to Manchester and through out the whole Week i got 1 DVD and 18 BOOKS! SATURDAY: played on kindle and played just dance 4 on […]

My Epic Hoilday

My EPIC Holiday  started in The Easter Egg Competition when I won with my other classmate Devon and Danya. NOTE THAT THE EASTER EGG COMPETITION WAS NOT IN THE EASTER HOLIDAY. In the holiday I went to Manchester Arndale with my oldest brother Mussa who recently turned 15 and my mother .I brought a game called […]

Devons Easter holidays !:D

In the Easter Holidays,I stayed at home for two days. Then I went to a fair on wednesday it was SOOO fun.I even saw Soheil and some other friends of mine.On friday i went to Mcdonalds with my family it was FUN.On Saturday I went shopping,baked some pizzas mmm they were so yummy.And on sunday […]

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